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Random thoughts following my viewing of Batman v Superman at the weekend which, for the record, I really, really enjoyed: Read on »

I could watch this all day.

Is this a Dads of Destiny reference?


Obligatory Shaun of the Dead reference screenshot:


Purloined from /r/thedivision:

Screenshot-Original.png Screenshot-Original (1).png

Screenshot-Original (1).png Screenshot-Original(1).png

Screenshot-Original.png Screenshot-Original02.png Screenshot-Original01.png Screenshot-Original (1).png Screenshot-Original (2).png Screenshot-Original (3).png

It has dragons, it has magic, it has inordinately large wheels of cheese. Is there anything Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn’t have?


I made the world collapse in 25 days. Huh.


Thoughtful and inquisitive, when others shoot first, the Perceptive Agent asks questions. The Perceptive appreciates their quest and understands that success demands as much brains as it does brawn. Ever the problem-solver, there’s always more than one solution. From the equipment used to the missions undertook, the Perceptive Agent is the master of their own fate.

Screenshot from 2016-02-23 13:43:23.png

Yeah, that’s me. Totally.